Clinical Specialties

Anxiety can damage our relationships and interfere with overall functioning. Decreased performance at school/work, difficulty managing day-to-day tasks, trouble with relationships, appetite disruptions and moodiness are just some of the ways anxiety can interrupt functioning. Development of insight, alongside use of behavioral strategies and mindfulness, allows clients to address and reduce their anxiety symptoms.

Depression and depressive symptoms are different for everyone. Untreated clinical depression is serious and can disrupt school/job performance, damage relationships, impair functioning and impact overall health.

Grief and Loss 
No two people grieve or experience loss (chronic illness, end of relationships) in the same way or at the same time. Personal expression of grief can provide clients with significant emotional relief. Elizabeth is skilled to work with ambiguous loss (chronic illness, end of relationships), acute and complex grief.

Maternal Mental Health (Pre/Post Natal): Elizabeth provides treatment to women experiencing perinatal stress disorders. Perinatal stress can include preexisting depression/anxiety conditions, pregnancy complications, infertility, miscarriage/loss and traumatic birth. Elizabeth is certified to screen perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and refer for appropriate treatment.

Parenting is rewarding AND demanding. Elizabeth works with parents to improve parent-child relationships. While accounting for the unique personality of each child, Elizabeth helps parents improve social/emotional communication, behavioral concerns, and develop tools for neurodivergence (ADD).

The view we have of ourselves is crucial to how we view the world and those around us. Negative or low self-esteem can ruin relationships, delay professional/academic opportunities and prevent personal growth. Find out what is causing your negative self-view and gain techniques to help improve it.