Services Provided

Child Psychotherapy
School demands, parent-child conflict, friendships, hormones, bullying, self-esteem and temperament name just a few challenges that children face. Psychotherapy can help your child address these challenges. In treatment your child will receive emotional support, increase ability to resolve conflicts with others, understand feelings and behaviors, as well as try out new solutions to old problems.  Elizabeth is psychodynamically focused however tailors treatment to meet your child’s needs.

Adult Psychotherapy
Stress, life transitions, parenting, family dynamics and relational concerns are among many issues that adults seek treatment for. The process begins with identifying a client’s needs and goals for treatment. Once goals have been established, Elizabeth works with clients to meet their goal(s). Treatment is often viewed as a way to improve emotional well-being.

Clinical Supervision
Elizabeth provides clinical supervision to LMSW social workers interested in fulfilling their clinical hours. Supervision is an integral part of a successful clinical practice. Supervisees are supported and encouraged while they explore challenging cases.

Women’s Health
Antepartum support: A less commonly addressed, but significant factor in the onset of postpartum depression (PPD) is antepartum stress. Elizabeth provides home visits or video therapy to women experiencing prenatal stress restricting their mobility. Prenatal stress includes, bedrest, complicated pregnancy, miscarriage, loss, and traumatic birth.

Elizabeth is certified to screen perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and refer for appropriate treatment.

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