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Great article on teaching social-emotional intelligence

15learning-ss-slide-DRJ0-articleLargeOne day last spring, James Wade sat cross-legged on the carpet and called his kindergarten class to order. Lanky and soft-spoken, Wade has a gentle charisma well suited to his role as a teacher of small children: steady, rather than exuberant. When a child performs a requested task, like closing the door after recess, he will often acknowledge the moment by murmuring, “Thank you, sweet pea,” in a mild Texas drawl.

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The Birthing Experience & Postpartum

Birth Story

Date/Time: EVERY Wednesday 11:30am *STARTING SEPTEMBER 4th

Come join a meet-up about the birthing experience. Relate, relax, emote and explore your experience.

– What’s your story?

– Did your birth go the way you had “imagined” it would?

– Anything you’d want to do differently?

– Wish you could change something that happened?

Join others in navigating through the experience of becoming a mother.

This group is led by Elizabeth Seckler, LCSW, Psychotherapy & Wellness

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