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“Mommy Perfect?”

Motherhood can bring out the perfectionist in all of us. Over the years, I have reflected in many conversations with my mother, my three sisters and numerous friends about how we raised our respective children. The recurring theme of our discussions was that we wished we had been less uptight and more spontaneous – another way of saying we were scared stiff and worried too much about the wrong things.

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Beautiful article on the importance of showing our infants we hear them

Last month I received a query from a distinguished professor of neuroscience asking whether there is any literature linking mentalization to self-control. This was a reminder of how segregated different fields of psychology sometimes are; theories and concepts fundamental to one research area may be invisible to those working in other areas. For this reason, I thought it worthwhile addressing this question for the broad readership of Psychology Today, accepting that the concepts will be familiar to many readers already.

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